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I Know
You made my life a misery,
In a matter of hours.
The love I felt,
Torn because of you.
And even though I am crying,
For some reason I find myself still captivated.
And even though I want to slit my wrists,
I know that, with time, I'll get over the pain.
I know this because my friends say so,
I know this because it's true.
I know this because it's happened before,
The same person,
:iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 0 11
To...The guy i love
If i said sorry, would you say it ok?
If i said forgive me, would you forgive me?
If i said i loved you, would you say it back?
If i asked you out, would you say yes?
I'm asking these questions, not only to the guy i love, but, to myself too.
I want to know the answers to these questions, i need to know the answers to these questions.
So, please, answer them, mon chere. for love,
:iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 0 15
Dawna, Alex and Sofy by crystalstargazer Dawna, Alex and Sofy :iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 0 13 happy birthday 2 u by crystalstargazer happy birthday 2 u :iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 0 17 happy birthday by crystalstargazer happy birthday :iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 0 13 my doggy Karla by crystalstargazer my doggy Karla :iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 2 25
bullies, how we hate them
i hear so many things: threats, promises, and sometimes more.
directed at me, i feel so poor.
what have i done, to deserve all this?
tell me, i must insist.
i get fed up, with all of this hatered,
i try to hold my rag,
but some times i loose it, and thrash out,
get angry and cry.
i hate it, i hate it so,
but if you push me,
i'll just let go,
do you even know, what i have to put up with at home?
so tell me now, why do you hate me?
:iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 0 33
tis eyeore by crystalstargazer tis eyeore :iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 1 26
My Life is Confusing
My life is confusing,
a shamble of emotions,
waiting for a moment to jump up out of the depths of my mind
to perplex me even more.
My head is spinning,
A shamble of emotions
The nauseating pain sweeping through me like a tornado,
Ripping everything to shreds.
All the time I wonder "what if....?",
Those moments in time come and go,
puzzling me even more, making me think, making me question,
all the thoughts I have.
My body shuts down,
in those moments in time,
leaving me unaware to the things happening around me,
I am left in confusion over these little things.
But then I think,
No, that won't happen,
And I come back to my prison, no longer a free spirit,
But an energy, captured in time.
And so I leave you,
Still in confusion,
Wondering what could have been done and should have done,
And then I think to myself, no, that won't happen.
I am no longer a free spirit, open to the possibilities of what could be,
Entering bodies, like doors, not knowing what to expect,
Just thinking, "what if.
:iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 0 10
What Happened?
Everyday seems to be the same,
People shouting, fighting,
Yelling and screaming.
War evolving around me,
Within me,
I can not control my anger.
I hide, frozen with fear and anger,
Embarking on my mission,
To pull things together, constantly.
I don't know what happened, to that little girl,
Who was always happy, all those years back,
She seemed to disapear, a couple of years ago.
:iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 1 21
the impossable triangles by crystalstargazer the impossable triangles :iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 0 14 Sarah Lou and Susiesixpence by crystalstargazer Sarah Lou and Susiesixpence :iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 1 11
Why does this always happen?
why does this always happen?
to me, to anyone at all?
i hate seeing people cry, or annoyed at all.
i have to ask this one question though,
why am i being told so many times,
over and over,
That no-one likes me,
even those that have been my friends since i can remember?
I hate seeing this happen,
not just for me,
but for others too.
i am always being told that it takes 2 to tango,
but why is it always me who has to make amends?
i know for a fact that this person is persistent,
saying that it is the other way round,
but i know other wise.
as this person can tell.
and so i end this poem,
with 1 final quirey,
Why does this always happen,
this horrid, act of emotion?
:iconcrystalstargazer:crystalstargazer 1 69
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: up with the fearies
Favourite genre of music: jazz, clasical music (when i am calm), rock, and others
Favourite photographer: photographygrl (coz she photographs kitties!!!)
Favourite style of art: huh?
Operating System: Xp profsional (forgive me! i can not spell!)
MP3 player of choice: esta idea!
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Wallpaper of choice: cherub blue (Cherub Campus!)
Skin of choice: umm.....what does that mean again?!?!
Favourite cartoon character: oh! mouse!!
Personal Quote: Told you so!
Hi folks!
Just to say that I regrettably will not be continuing with this account. I can't delete it, though -curses and scowls at website-.
So I'm attempting to delete everything. That includes taking everyone off my DeviantWATCH, I'm afraid!
Sorry if I've disappointed everyone.
You may see me around in the future. Then again, you may not.
If anyone if interested, I have both a fictionpress account, and a fanfiction account. I go under the name of 'Cupid's Jinx'. For fanfiction, I write for Maximum Ride by James Patterson, and The Twilight Saga by the awesome Stephenie Meyer. So if anyone wants to take a peek at some of it, feel free to.
I think I've covered everything...
Oh! If anyone wants to e-mail me or anything, you can at or, for those who are with  FP and/or FF, you can just PM me.

Thank you all for everything!

Crystalstargazer AKA Laura

P.S. Links for Fictionpress profile: and Fanfiction profile:
Or just take a look at the other stories the sites have on offer. They're all amazing.
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